How to


  • Install git for Windows
  • Download and run Cong .msi package


  • Run Cong
  • Open the “3 dots” menu on the left panel, click “Customize” – it will redirect you to the folder with Application Data where you can customize your Themes/Commands/Icons etc.

Change theme

  • Find Cong.layout file (if it not exists, please close/open the application), open it with any text editor
  • Change “Theme” property value to any predefined theme (Dark, Light, Darcong, ConEmu) or your own theme

Override theme

  • Open needed Theme folder (Themes/Dark/ for example) with the appropriate files
  • Copy file you want to override (Application.theme.xaml for example)
  • Paste it with .override extension before .xaml extension (Application.theme.override.xaml for example)
  • Override needed properties

If you need more details, want to download an existing theme, or upload a new one – please visit our Cong Themes repository.