Cong is a lightweight and super fast git client with a built-in adapted console.

For a long time, I asked myself – why all existing git clients are so slow, while the console is pretty fast, doesn’t it? Is it unreal to create a git client with the same performance? This thing was making me crazy. And you know, guys, it is real. Try cong and you’ll never come back.

Honestly refactored before release.


  • absolutely free beta
  • as fast as possible on huge repositories
  • minimalistic and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • no popups, all operations are contextual
 If you like cong, feel free to donate


  • tabs
  • fully-integrated console with collapsable output and syntax highlighting
  • easy-configuring own theme
  • easy-configuring own commands
and many other features you'll never forget


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • git installed

Included themes

Cong doesn’t collect, use, store, share or disclose any information about the user or any other person.

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